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Beach Volley Hot Sports 1.0

Beach Volley Hot Sports will let you play this sport in six different scenarios
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Beach Volley Hot Sports will let you play volleyball in six different scenarios.
There are twelve teams you can play for. All the competitors are good-looking girls, and you can select the swimsuits in which they will be dressed.

The game has additional content that will be unlocked as you win tournaments. You can play against the machine, or against other players, connected to a Local Area Network.

It is possible to control your two players by using the keyboard, or a joystick. You will see the game in 3D, and it will repeat some scenes by using exterior cameras. The game will show a yellow circle on the place where your opponents will put the ball, and a red circle around your players. You will need to move your players inside the yellow circle in order to hit the ball, and return it to your opponent´s field. You can use the common hit, or a higher hit, in order to beat your opponents. The game requires you to have DirectX installed in your system.

The trial version will you let play for free up to 2 times within three days from the installation.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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